Dred the Autumn Shed

Change is in the air! Mornings have been cooler and daily high temps are getting lower and lower. The autumn equinox occurred on September 23rd and soon we’ll start to feel the long-awaited reprieve from the heat!

During the spring and autumn, humans and animals alike shed hair from all over their bodies to include our precious lashes (natural and extensions). Specifically, lashes fall out and our lash lines thin :(

Hair and lashes protect us from the sun, hence during the summer most people have the highest level of hairs in the telogen phase (the resting phase before the hair is released from the follicle); these hairs eventually fall out usually in the autumn and coinciding with the equinox because we no longer need as much hair.

Don’t freak out! It’s a natural process and usually occurs during the Autumn, Spring and Summer depending on where you live and the severity of seasonal weather changes. In the fall this phenomenon is called the “Autumn Shed”, for us in Southern Arizona, the shed usually happens in late autumn to early winter.

While not everyone experiences a major loss of eyelashes during this time but know that it does and can happen. During this period, you may find your lashes don’t last as long because of this natural shed. Not to panic, this difficult period usually lasts only 3-4 weeks, just in time to get you glammed up for the holidays!

If you have any questions about the Autumn Shed, please let me know!